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George Wood

I am looking for an low voltage electric actuator that moves .3" or less per second that has at least 75 lbs of force and 1 to 2 inch stroke. It also would be nice if it was 6" long or less when retracted. Or is there a controller with a pot for controlling the speed of an existing 24 vdc actuator out there. The unit that we have moves at .6" per sec and we need roughly half that.

Clifford Jones

Hello George,

There is a company called Intelligent Actuator
America, sometimes called IAI.

They have a little AC Servo Actuator that works
just great (their cost is only $700 or so).

We have developed a Palm Pilot interface that works with their serial interface and found the unit very reliable.

They reworked their website a few months ago and it looks pretty good. You should be able to find a model that fits your need.

Their website is


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Try Cal Linear's new cylindrical linear with a PMC motion controller... They're in Carlsbad CA... Contact Chuck Shultz.
760- 603-8026

Bob Close

Craig Kackert

Hello George,
My company is CK Design Tech. I mfg. linear actuators. I do make a 1.8" stroke mini linear actuator. It's body is 3" long and stall force is 100 lb. At 30 lb. speed is .27"/sec. I also have other modles to choose from and I mfg. servo drivers too. I have a old web site at you can look at, or give me a call at 805-522-3750.
Mabe I can help.
Sincerely, Craig