Linear Motor/XY Table Brands


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Hi all. I have an X-Y table that has a stroke length of 7" one way and about 10" the other way. It's pretty obsolete and would like to replace it with something current and readily available from a reputable manufacturer.

Some requirements would be about a 25 lb load, the table is angle on one axis by about 18 degrees from horizontal. It's very slow (1" per second) and has a half micron or better resolution linear scale. I'm looking for something that is integrated into a finished package, where I can bolt the table down and go. I'd prefer something that is fairly sealed and would be nice to have a pressurized "purge" port to keep dust, vapor out. limit and home switched integrated, and the axis that is off of horizontal would need a brake.

Currently I'm looking at two major brands, but not sure I'm happy with the fitment to replace my existing motor. But I'm struggling finding something similar to what I have, much less something better. Open to any ideas and brands. Please post links if you can. Thanks in advance for the help!

And to be clear I'm looking for a linear motor NOT a ball screw or belted slide etc.