Linking AB with Modicon on Ethernet


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I need to communicate between Allen-Bradley PLC (type unknown yet) and Modicon Momentum over Ethernet network.
Is data exchange between those two PLCs possible on such way, do I need any special converters, modules?

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Richard Theron - FieldServer


To connect AB TCP through Modbus TCP you would need a communications bridge that would map the points from the one protocol through to the other, have a look at With AB it could even be Ethernet/IP



Norm Malloch

Hello Borut,

I can suggest a software-based solution. If you have access to OPC servers for your PLCs, a software gateway (or bridge) can be used to move data between the PLCs.

The gateway and OPC servers would run on one or more Windows-based PCs. The servers communicate with the PLCs. The gateway moves the data between the PLCs.

Visit for a demo of a gateway software solution.

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Norm Malloch
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SST makes a product called X-Link, which is a box allowing different communications modules to be installed and drivers which will talk from anything to anything. Their website indicates they have both AB Ethernet and Modbus TCP drivers available.
Don Zunti
Delco Automation Canada

If you are open to a non-windows based solution, my company can provide such a answer to your question.

I am the author of the Allen Bradley Ethernet Library for Linux (for PLC-5's, SLC5/05's, and Pyramid Integrators), the CIP/Ethernet Library for Linux (a commercial product for communicating with an Allen Bradley ControlLogix) and have
also wrote small utilities to talk to a Modicon over TCP/IP. My work is open-source and freely available except for the CIP library with is available for $99.00. My code if wrote in C and is very straight forward and easy to understand. I also am available to write custom interfaces/routines on a per-hour basis.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me off-list.

Ron Gage - Owner
Linux Network Services
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