Linking Modbus TCP Networks


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I have two UPS in parallel that communicate with a synchronization cabinet via Modbus TCP. The sync cabinet can communicate with other networks via Modbus TCP. All three of these devices have fixed IP addresses. I want to add the Sync Cabinet to my Modbus TCP (BMS) network so that I may obtain data from the downstream UPS as well. The UPS are at and respectively and the sync cabinet is at I am unable to determine a subnet mask or default gateway.

My network is a 10.1.11.x with a subnet of and a gateway of

I am thinking of using a router and NAT'ing the IP to one compatible with my network but have never done this before.

If you have a windows-based computer which you want to use for polling the UPS data, you can assign 2 IP addresses for the 2 subnets on the same NIC.

If you want to use a dedicated hardware device, I would suggest the AnyBus gateway here :- < X-gateway>
It has 2 TCP/IP ports which can take different subnets & you can have your MB-TCP Client on 1 side & your UPS Sync cabinet on the other.