Linking SCADA with IPC INM620-0060 Ethernet module

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Francisco J. Nunez Lobato

I am seeking a SCADA-system to visualise the process controlled by several IPC PLC's. Communication between SCADA en PLC's needs to be done by Ethernet from IPC through the INM620-0060 Ethernet module.The interface is ISO Transport Service Class 4 (TP4) with Null Network Layer (ISO8073). Are there drivers available for a certain SCADA-system or can anyone build a driver for a SCADA-system?

Torulf Wiberg

The IPC line of PLC:s were once produced by ISSC in the U.S. The company
was bought by Honeywell and some of the products are still sold as "S9000"
with more continous control capability.
There is limited support for the protocol supported by the 620-0060. I
know that Honeywell support it with their PlantScape software and, I think
I have seen at least one OPC server.
Unfortunately I am not able to check my archives now as I am on vacation
in Spain.
Get back to me off-list if you want more info. I will be back around
August 1st.


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