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I've been watching this project from the beginning. A tremendous amount of thought and planning is going into trying to make this a better mousetrap. Also there are some very passionate arguments that will make this project
avoid some of the pitfalls that have made other controllers minor players in the automation world.

I would also like to thank Ron Gage for a very good letter to the group. He hit the nail on the head.

I started on PLC's in the early 70's on the Modicon 084, and 184 models. When I got my first 484 I was in heaven. A real CRT to work with instead of lights and thumbwheel switches. I was hooked on Modicon. They were simple and easy to set-up from the box. Most industrial electricians could be taught to troubleshoot the machinery and make minor changes. I did not like the A-B PLC-2 when I first encountered one. Had to make memory maps and other things to make it into a good project.

In the past 30 years I've worked with Modicon, A-B, Omron, Sharp, Panasonic, National, Fuji, Square-D, and GE PLC's. They can all do the job. Some are better at some things and others are better in different ways. IMHO the A-B PLC-5 file structure is the most logical and easiest to use. I do understand the GE and Modicon users preferences because that is how I cut my teeth. I
also think they would adapt to the PLC-5 file structure without much trouble, and may even find it as useful as I do now.

Last of all, remember who fixes the equipment at 2:30 am. It isn't me! If I don't use ladder logic then I'm the one who gets called. I love working in the higher level languages but, there is a price to be paid if the man on the floor doesn't understand it. Just a fact of life for 3 shift operations. Just be sure to include ladder logic in the design, and anything else that can do the job better for those who are able to use them in their operations.

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