Linux, Wonderware and API.


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Andrew Chiang

1. Is there a Linux version for Wonderware ?
2. I am using some controller that uses Linux OS and it provide API for third party to write to the controller. Can we use Wonderware to write
these API program to communicate with the controller ?

Curt Wuollet

Hi Andrew:

Can't say for sure without the particulars, but I would really doubt it. Wonderware is an entirely MS show and I would expect that any API's would be tied to the platform. The Linux product is fairly unlikely to speak MS owned stuff. However when you say communicate, there certainly should be some common ground. It should be far easier to adapt the Linux to the MS than the other way around. Maybe with a little more info, I can help.


Curt Wuollet
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Vic Ellescas

That's correct, Andrew,
I did contact the dealer here in San Francisco Bay Area, Wonderware will not produce any version for any other OS except MS. Perhaps Win2000 version which I heard very stable but very costly. I really want to switch to Unix
like, (such as Solaris) or Linux control interfaces but Wonderware is already here, and the customer is not prepared to make a radical switchover.
Vic Ellescas,
Controls Engineer,
Sverdrup Technology,
NASA Ames Research Center
There may be a solution for you , Wonderware is owned by Invensys, which also owns foxboro
Foxboro I/A series is available in a Unix and NT platform.
A interface between Foxboro's I/A series and Wonderware is called WonderLink. You may be able to purchase that and keep both sides happy, keeping windows where you want and adding Unix as required.

Mark Massa