Liquid Fuel System Mark II Frame 5 (MS5001)


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Hi everyone,

We have GE Frame 5 (5001 P) machine with Speedtronic MARK II control system. What suggestions and plans can be made for improving and upgrading the liquid fuel system of machine (in mechanical, electrical and instrumentation)?

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If your machine is MKII it must be getting kind of old. Can you tell us how old is the machine and how many hours it has operated? To evaluate now whether the machine is worth upgrading you need to look at how much more life the machine has, as upgrading is very expensive and maybe it is not worth it and you won't be able to get a payback.

As glenmorangie states, your machine is getting old (not just kind of old; old). And, as glenmorangie has also stated you need to understand--and explain to others you are asking for assistance--how your machine has been and/or is being and/or will be operated so you can get the best and most concise replies.

For example, if your machine is dual fuel (natural gas and "liquid" (distillate; distillate/naphtha; distillate/heavy fuel oil; etc.)) and operates primarily on natural gas but is required to be able to transfer (switch) to liquid fuel quickly and without much load swings or tripping then that's one condition which you need to explain and detail.

Or, if the unit operates on liquid fuel(s) primarily (or only) and you're having reliability issues when running on liquid fuel(s), you need to explain what fuel(s) your machine burns and what issues you are experiencing so that you can get comments on and suggestions improving the reliability of the unit.

I think what glenmorangie may also be saying is that a GE Mark II Speedtronic turbine control system is not well-suited for making modifications to the control system to accommodate new field devices (such as pumps or control valves or pressure regulators or solenoid-operated valves, etc.). A digital, programmable control system is usually much more "adaptable" and easily modified to handle new inputs and outputs of various types such as might be used for improving the reliability of a turbine and auxiliaries.

Now, having said that about the Mark II--there are still MANY Mark II turbine control systems running around the world and there are some excellent technicians more than capable of keeping them running and making modifications/changes that might be required to improve the reliability of the turbine auxiliaries (in this case, I'm referring to Atomizing Air systems and components; Liquid Fuel Forwarding systems and components; Liquid Fuel control valves and components; Purge Air systems and components; etc.). That's probably your most pressing need: Improved reliability of the turbine auxiliaries and systems and components.

OR, it may be that your control system is lacking people with the knowledge and experience to keep it running properly and make any necessary modifications.

The point is: We don't know enough about the unit at your site, what fuel(s) it burns, and how it is or will be operated and what kinds of problems you have been experiencing--or may be trying to avoid or mitigate. You need to provide much more information about your site and it's circumstances and how it is being operated or will be operated. And, it's highly likely that in return you will receive more concise and better replies and information.

Hope this helps!