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liquid level indicator for bulk storage tanks is broken. i'm mechanical engineer, work at power generation (as turbine station), there is some defect so i need your help.

it's motherwell tank protection CNC 676 liquid level indicator (cat and mouse gauge) is a simple mechanical float unit which give a clear visual indication of tank contents. it's suitable for atmospheric tank, low pressure tank.

Operation of by means of the float which move ups and down on top of the liquid inside the tank. the float is stabilized on each side by guide wires fixed to the tank base by bracket and tensioned at the tank roof by special spring anchors. A CABLE is connected to the float, which runs through an exit pipe on the top of the tank and it directed by means of special "sheave elbows" to the indicator on the gauge board. The standard scale on the gauge board is marked off in meters, The standard sheave elbow is cast aluminum, housing a pulley wheel, which ensures smooth operation of the indicator. The gauge board is mounted on brackets, which can be bolted or welded to the side of the tank. The reading of the indicator denotes the tank liquid level.

The cable that connected to the float is cut from gauge board side. what's the right way to fix it?