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Hi, I have a cubic tank 1x1x1 ft^3 and I would like to measure the water level continuously. I have searched for water level transducer with output signal and they are very expensive. I can't afford anything more than 100$. The signal output is a must and my system doesn't have high temp and pressure. Please note I am not looking for a switch.

If you know a cheap way or have a product please let me know ASAP [email protected].


curt wuollet

You can use a float and a potentiometer like a gas gauge. Or one of the new generation of pressure transducers that places like DigiKey carry. Both have analog outputs and both are well under $100. Automation companies aren't the place to look for low cost.

Samuel... how about an eTape Liquid Level Sensor ? less than US$ 100 ? depth 12 inches.

The eTape Liquid Level Sensor is a solid-state sensor with a resistive output that varies with the level of the fluid.