Liquid Sulfur Flow Measurement

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Sergey E. Kukushkin

Dear List I am looking for flowmeter for liquid sulfur flow measurement (mass flowmeter, rotameter etc.): Min flow - 2,0 m3/Hr; Max flow - 16,0 m3/Hr; Sulfur temperature - 135-145 degrC; Sulfur pressure - 6-8 bar. Thank in advance Best regards, Sergey Kukushkin [email protected]
In the early 1990's the only device known to work well was a transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter then marketed by what is now ThermoMeasureTech in Round Rock, Texas. I have heard that they discontinued the product. You can try Panametrics and Controlotron, who are IMO the only ultrasonic flowmeter companies with the ability to design a coaxial flow tube and high temperature sensors. I know I'm going to get nastygrams from all the other ultrasonic flowmeter companies, but this is a very difficult measurement that needs specific expertise. Walt Boyes Contributing Editor Flow Control

Larry Kolbert

Don't know what their name is now, believe they are in Colorado. Company by name of Nusonics also made a ultrasonic meter that was very good on liquid sulphur. L.Kolbert ThermoMeasureTech
I have used successfully steam jacket Danfoss Ultrasonic flowmeter. You can also use Panametrics Ultrasonic meter which is better than Danfoss. Make sure that the steam jacket is backed up by electric heating tape. Meter should never be allowed to cool down when full.

Ravichandran R

Micromotion mass flow meter is the best for liquid sulfur flow measurement. I have commissioned the meter 5 years back. The performance is very good and the downtime is negligible. For any further info pls let me know. Ravichandran R Asst Manager - Terminal Automation Systems Fisher-Rosemount India [email protected]