Lithography Machine w/Industrial Barebone PC


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Hello Everyone,

I would like to get your help on familiarizing with a lithography machine that has a PC (DOS/ proprietary software), PLC and VT interacting with each other.

The machine has an industrial barebone PC with ATA card. The card has DOS folder and executable file and files with extension ptn and dat. I would like to know how i can run/visualise these files on a pc? Any emulators can be used?

Ikhtiander -

Hi Ishafiqi,

did you meant you want to open the PTN file? PTN file is PaperPort Thumbnail Images file that can be opened using Nuance PaperPort Pro.

Please check if your Lithography Machine's PTN file is compatible with PaperPort PTN file.

Hope this help

Bob Peterson

I suspect you have some kind of proprietary controls that probably you are not going to be able to migrate to some other kind of hardware. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer if they are still in business? Even if they've gone out of business it's not unusual for there to be some kind of support for this kind of equipment if there was any significant numbers of them made. If it's more less one-off kind of system you're probably just out of luck when it completely dies.