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Hi all,

Is there someone who has experience with Lloyds registered PLC's. I'm looking for a cheap PLC with about 150 IO mostly Digital Inputs, but
this PLC must be Lloyds registered.

Raoul Huisman

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Michael Sullivan

Schneider Electric makes the Modicon TSX Micro PLC which has Lloyd's approval. It's very low cost and has been used widely in shipping applications. It also has other naval approvals for most countries in Europe, Australia, China, etc..

Bill Szuminski

Schneider Electric has the Premium PLC line registered in 4 of 5 Lloyds registrations. They are also working on getting the Quantum series of PLC's registered for marine applications.
Both program in Windows based software and are modular in nature. www.modicon.com should get you started.
Bill Szuminski
Rexel USA

Alastair Fordyce

The Moeller PS4 series of PLC's are listed with Lloyd's and most other Marine Classification Societies. Look at www.moeller.net for further information. PS4 products are compact, expandable and cost effective. Programming is Windows based to IEC1131-3.

Best regards,

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Anthony Kerstens

For curiosities sake, what is meant by Lloyd's?
You don't mean insured with Lloyd's of London,
do you???!!! At least I hope not. :)

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Alastair Fordyce

There are two Lloyds organisations which are separate entities. Lloyds Register of Shipping is concerned with the classification/ inspection
of ships. It carries out an equipment certification role similar to UL/ CSA and hence Lloyds Approved. Their inspection systems are accepted by the US Coastguard and American Bureau of Shipping. Similar organisations are:
Lloyds GmbH, Bureau Veritas, Die Norske Veritas and others.

Lloyds Insurance PLC (?) is the insurance company that we all read about and hope that we haven't invested in.

Best regards,

Alastair Fordyce

R A Peterson

Lloyds also registers items that are used on board ships. i suspect thats what he is referring to.

McConnell, David P

Look at it this way: If the Class (Lloyd's in this case) does not approve of the device it will not be used in any application affecting the
seaworthiness of the vessel. ie propulsion, navigation, life safety, etc.

This is a tough issue as many useful products cannot be used. I do not have the slightest idea as to how to gain approval, but understand it is an expensive, hard and lengthy process. Classification Societies are extremely conservative and tend to be very hard to convince to make changes.

Dave McConnell