Load cell to plc

I’m working on a new project here at work. We have a carousel that carries turkeys around that are dropped at certain spots depending on weight. They want to implement a new system using a plc and load cell. I’m trying to come up with the most efficient way to do this. Would using a load cell and a transmitter be the best option?
If you weigh the turkey before putting it in the carousel (you now the spot in the carousel position where it goes into) you can drop it if that spot of the carousel.
For example, you have a carousel with 16 positions and it keeps on turning. You must keep track of the position at loading with the turkey. For example: remember it when it turns in the PLC, or make a system with for example digital sensors and a coding (with 4 digital sensors you can encode 16 positions). You make metal lips on the carousel positions and the digital sensors are at the turkey loading position.
So the carousel is turning, and at the point where you're going to load the turkey you know which position that is, for example position 7 (digital code 0111).
You weigh the turkey (for example 5kg) before putting it into the carousel at position 7 and the carousel starts turning and the PLC keeps track where it is.
When position 7 is at the correct unloading position for the 5kg turkey.
And so it goes on and on.
Main benefit of the digital coding is that when an emergency stop (or power down) comes, you can always let the carousel slowly move to a position where it sees the 4 digital sensors and then you immediately know where each position is again.
You now only have 1 expensive weighing position and just 4 cheap digital inputs to know which carousel position is at the loading position.
gr. Patrick