Load cell with High Resolution and Higher sampling rate


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Sanjay Patel

Dear Friends

Can you help me in selection of force/weight sensor with very high resolution, which can take more than 30 samples per second and 1 milligram resolution.
Thanks in advance for selection.

Steve Myres, PE

The output of a strain gauge is continuous, so if your electronics can process 30 samples/second, you have 30 samples/second. As far as the resolution, what is the greatest weight you will need to measure; in other words, what is the range of the measurement?

Sanjay Patel

Dear Friend

Weight of the sample is 10 mg. If you have idea give me the name of company where should i contact?


Sanjay Patel
Dear Sanjay,

The UNIPULSE F370/F371 strain gage indicator has 2000 updates per second (33 per second). Smallest strain gage sensors I have seen are 1kg. The F370 (only one I have seen) would resolve to 0.0001 kg (0.1g)
There are some force restoration units (Sartorius, Mettler, A+D) that can resolve in milligram range, but speed is not high enough for your application.

Hope this helps.
Bill Rosser