Loading an Existing Program onto PLC Melsec F2 40MR


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Could you please advise me on the following:

What interface/software I need to load existing program (kept on my pc) onto an old PLC Melsec F2 40MR?

The PLC was not powered for a long time and it lost the program. The company which developed the program sent the files via email (3 files of type .HRD, .NAM, .PRG).

I search online and end up with the following: F2-20GF1 interface module+ PCX-KIT1 cables + PC with installed Medoc software. Is this the correct way? If yes:

* Where can I order these products?

* What version of Medoc software do I need?

* Can I use F2-20P-E Programming panel instead of the F2-20GF1 interface module to load an existing program?