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Has anyone tried to use or load Modsoft on a computer using Windows XP Professional as an operating system. I can't get mine to load..
Modsoft wasn't even supposed to work with Windows 2000, so I doubt you'll get it operating on XP. You should upgrade to ProWORX NxT. Legacy DOS
applications don't like Windows NT based operating systems.


James Fountas

At this point it cost less to buy an old 386 or 486 laptop for Modsoft, then it does to try and make it work on a recent version of Windows.

Even when it was Windows NT 4.0, I would setup the PC as dual boot (dos/NT). Several years ago, Modicon Tech. support was saying that if you got Modsoft to work on a NT 4.0, you probably wouldn't be able to use the RTU communications and would be stuck with ASCII.

My suggestion is to buy a cheap laptop. That is what I did.
Be aware that ProWorx NxT is 16 bit software which brings it`s own problems to the table in the newer operating systems. If ModSoft device drivers support your system, alot of the newer processors are not supported. Buying an older
laptop and throwing DOS into it is the cheapest.
You should upgrade to a full 32 bit Windows product which is designed and tested to run on Windows XP. PLC WorkShop for Modicon - 32 Bit
from FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc has been shipping for a couple years.

Both Modsoft and ProWorx NXT (16 bit) have known problems with Windows 2000 and XP.

You can contact me offline for details and/or download a demo at www.fast-soft.com.

Thanks. Joe
Joseph Luft
FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc
[email protected]
We got modsoft to work o our Win 2000 Professional by copying the entire program from another pc on our network. We just had to make sure the attributes for read only were not checked on the newly loaded modsoft pc.
With Win2K and XP you can run the Modsoft program and do everything offline except connect, download or upload to a PLC via RTU.
Modsoft has two communication protocols, RTU, developed by Modsoft and ASCII.
The RTU driver will not work with WIN2K or XP, however ASCII does.
Default for ASCII is 2400 baud and can be changed to 19200 in the processor config which will run about the same speed as RTU.
The only problems are:
1. The Default for Quantum Processor modules are RTU. So if you need to
bring a processor up from DIM AWARENESS you will need Modsoft on an older OS or one of the newer programs to do so.
2. I am told that Modsoft is no longer supported.
Going from RTU to ASCII will buy you time but eventually you will need to upgrade to a different software.