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Jiri Baum

Hello, I was adding the shared libraries to makefiles, and in logic/plc5 I switched on the usual warnings while I was there... What's the status of the module, please? There seem to be a few places where variables are used uninitialized and the like. Jiri -- Jiri Baum <[email protected]> Q: Why did the chicken cross the Moebius Strip? A: To get to the other... um... er... --r.h.f.r _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected] http://linuxplc.org/mailman/listinfo/linuxplc

Mario de Sousa

Hi Jiri, This was a first attempt at integrating the plc5 interpreter into the LPLC. It seemed to be working, until we tried the plc5 timers, which don't seem to work correctly, but the rest seems to work OK (check the plc5 demo). As this code was written mainly by Hugh, and I don't really understand its architecture, I left it alone. Hugh wanted to make substantial changes to his code that have not been reflected here yet, so maybe it's best to start again from scratch. This was some time ago, so I don't know how far he is at the moment. I wanted to ask Hugh to try and make the plc5 interpreter independent from his plc as they seemed tightly coupled. The only changes I ever made to his code was to the store.cpp file, allocating storage for the plc5 variables as LPLC variables, instead of using new(). Cheers, Mario. -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mario J. R. de Sousa [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The box said it requires Windows 95 or better, so I installed Linux _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected] http://linuxplc.org/mailman/listinfo/linuxplc
Hi, The copy of the logic engine in the cvs tree is stable for basic commands. I expect the problem with the timers comes from the duality of the words and bits in my data representation. The status of the timer is stored as bits 13, 14 and 15 in the status word (blame AB for this). The status word is use both at the byte and bit level. I expect that the SMM is keeping the bits and word representations separately. Hugh _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected] http://linuxplc.org/mailman/listinfo/linuxplc