Logs not appearing in Siemens TXP (Teleperm xp) on Operating Terminals


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i have a problem with log files for Siemens TXP operating terminals....

one of my graphics terminal(linux Pc normally BARCO TRANSFORM A) (connected to OT server) HDD gone bad... so that i restored with another terminal server HDD. every thing is working fine except log files... how to enable these log files on this terminal....

same problem for another graphics terminal (linux pc)due to some hardware problem, it is not at all working... so that i replaced with complete brand new TRANSFORM A server configured... every thing is fine except log files...

i think some where we need to configure these logfiles on these terminals... where can i do this.... Please help me.


Don't really know what do you mean by log files. Do you mean analog and binary log from archives (for example analog daily values)? These are created on OT and normally retrieved from SU (PRT process). Graphics terminal normally doesn't have anything with log and archive files. It's purpose is to split spawn process pictures to multiple monitors.
You need to describe problem in more details.

Good luck.

Jaroslav Golian

i am interesting about connection your Linux PC to OT server.
Can you share some information about this connection? (OS, important config files, applications, ...)