Long distances on Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA


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Toni Kaesbeck

All: Does anybody have experiences on Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA with "real long distances" over a couple of miles/kilometers? What are the requirements on existing cabling? Thanks a lot! Toni Kaesbeck
Hi Toni, As you know, the specification for these networks limits the total length of a single segment (without repeaters) to a total length of 1900 meters, including spurs. To go longer, you need a repeater. For Foundation Fieldbus, Smar offers a repeater that should allow you to combine multiple segments and extend the total length to several kilometers. I am not familiar with what has been built specifically for Profibus PA. The Smar units may be useful in this application, also. Best regards, -Dana Dana Lommen - Relcom Inc. - 503.357.5607 x119 [email protected] www.relcominc.com