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santosh bharkad

Can any body guide on LonWork cabling
1) Cable Termination
2) Cable length
3) Topology
Lonworks has a few different topologies available, I believe the most common is the Free Topology, aka FFT-10.

I've got a file I downloaded from Echelon regarding the Free Topology wiring guidelines. It has a number on it 005-0023-01, it is classified as an engineering bulletin. It has recommended cable manufacturers part numbers, as
well as distances and wiring diagrams.

If you cannot find it on Echelon's website ( "www.echelon.com":http://www.echelon.com ), email me at "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] and I will send it to you.


Don Zunti, P. Eng.
Delco Automation Canada
1) Cable Termination - Use Lonworks Terminators
2) Cable length - 4000ft CAT5
3) Topology - FTT-10 most popular
That answer is a bit overly simplistic. The complete answer depends on which transceiver type and wire type. For a more complete answer you should refer to the wiring guidelines application note from Echelon at

Cable lengths also depend on the transceiver type and wire type. For example, the FTT-10 is qualified over a number of different wire types and the distances depend on wire type. The FTT-10 can communicate over just about any wire type, but Echelon hasn't tested and quantified the distances except for more common wire types. Those wire types and distances are also
specified in the same wiring guidelines application note show above.

Cable termination - you can find termination specifications in the specific transceiver guidelines. You can buy them from Echelon or make your own. For termination of a Free Topology network (FTT-10) look in

For other transceiver types go to "http://www.echelon.com/support/documentation/Manuals/":http://www.echelon.com/support/documentation/Manuals/ and scroll down to select the transceiver userguide thats appropriate.