Looking for a AC Drive/Regen Unit


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I'm looking for pointers to the following:

1) An AC drive that can run a Permanent Magnet AC Motor openloop (i.e. servo motor minus the feedback device). It needs to run off of 240VAC Single Phase (120 Single Phase might be ok, prefer 240VAC). The kicker is I need full regen capability. i.e. no DB resistor or chopper for braking - must regen to incoming line.


2) I have found drives that provide all the above capability minus the regen, so I can use a standalone regen (active fron end) that is single 240VAC prefered (120VAC again might be ok). and I can engineer a way to get the DC buses connected etc.


3) I've found A LOT out there that does 3 phase 240... I can not find a single phase regen unit or drive. the 3 phase I have found do not allow for disabling phase loss so I can run (i.e. regen) on single phase only. If you know of a 3phase regen drive or regen standalone unit that allows for the 3 phase to be disabled and meets specs above let me know.

BTW the regen capability can be SCR or IGBT based... I don't care. I just need single phase.

Thanks in advance for pointing me to the perfect product for this application need,