Looking for a micro force sensor


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I am looking for a micro force sensor that can measure 0.1 micro Newtons (0.01mg) with the following spec. If you know any of products with such ability please tell me.

I am trying to measure a force generated by small insects in the range of 1 to 10 micro Newtons (or 0.1 to 1 milligram) force.

I think I need an optical force sensor similar to atomic force microscope however I do not need to have nano-scale ability and imaging ability.

I am at a loss. Please help!
Try the AE801 from SensorOne.com If you search Google for AE801 and cardiovascular or muscle research you will find many article that discuss measurements of very small forces.

It seems can only down to 12mg. Any other good sensor to measure micro force? I also need this.

Did you find a good sensor in the range? I have bought AE801, is good but the output is noisy! Any other good product?