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Iam looking for a sensor which can move aroud and detect any cuttting of yarn that occurs in a textile machine and help me enable to stop the machine. the distance it should travel is 10 meters.
What you need is two rollers insulated from each other to form a switch. Run the yarn in between the rollers and when the yarn breaks the rollers close the switch.You can add atimer if you want to.

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you may try to install a photo sensor in between the roller (at any point). Once the photo sensor did not detect the coming yarn then the sensor will activated..you should choose the sharpe type of photo beam so that to increse the accuracy of detection.
From your explanation it is not clear if you want to detect the warp or the weft. so i shall give you the solutions for both:

1. Weft : You can use weft sensors from Loepfe or Eltex.

2. Warp : You can use Laser stop from Protechna.

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