Looking for a torque transmitter


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Dobrowolski, Jacek

Hi All, I'm looking for manufacturers of torque transmitters. Device, I'm looking for, should be rotating shaft mounted. Any suggestions ? Greetings, Jacek Dobrowolski
Hi, you can try with Kistler(switzerland) company. They are in the business of making quartz multicomponent torque transducers. msys

Anthony Kerstens

Just measure the current draw of your motor and have the PLC do the math (likely look-up table) to derive torque. This means you have to know the torque curve of your motor, and know enough of the mechanical details to calculate what the torque is at the point of concern. However, I imagine you could talk to some sale people dealing with clutch overloads to see what they might know. Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

McConnell, David P

If my memory serves, such a device is available from Nevada Bently. It is mounted inline with the motor shaft in the manner of a coupling with an external pickup / exciter. Dave McConnell
I suggest contacting S.Himmelstein & Company, (708) 843-3300, located in Hoffman Estates, IL. They offer a complete line of torque transmitters from low to high horsepower. John Catch InFLOW, INC.