Looking for best method to get HMI enhancements for GE Cimplicity implemented

I have a few suggested enhancements for the GE Cimplicity software. I can't find any information on a user group specific to the HMI - am I relegated to using an equipment (turbine) based user group to promote these ideas? Is there any other mechanism that would get these ideas in front of the people with the power to implement?
I presume from your post you have some improvements for CIMPLICITY/PROFICY Machine Edition as implemented on turbine control HMIs. I further presume they are customizations which you have been able to implement that don't require modifications of CIMPLICITY/PROFICY Machine Edition proprietary software to implement (macros or scripts or VBA software).

Based on those presumptions, I would suggest you contact turbine users' groups about promoting your improvements. You could also enquire about advertising on Control.com, though I don't think people who make purchasing decisions really read Control.com threads (especially in North America where a lot of techs and manager types don't think they can get good information on a forum like Control.com). You could also try contacting control system integrators which work on CIMPLICITY/PROFICY Machine Edition turbine control HMIs and ask if they would be interested in promoting or selling your improvements. You could also look into exhibiting at one or more of the turbine users' group annual shows.

It's a small community of people around the world using these HMIs, and most of them are LOATHE to do anything which they feel might void their warranty AND which might run afoul of NERC/FERC and similar international regulations about third-party remote access; you may be able to imagine the hoops that have to be jumped through to do this, even on site. It's near impossible to get people to allow their software off-site to be modified or even used for troubleshooting serious problems, and usually require someone to come to site for anything like that or making wanted modifications/improvements. There are usually several legal hoops, as well as relationship hoops. I don't mean to discourage you, but it's not an easy thing to do. A LOT of site personnel would probably LOVE to have your improvements. But, mid- and upper-level management are TERRIFIED (yes--I meant to use that particular word) of doing anything that might cause a unit trip or forced outage or void any kind of warranty, express, written or implied. Because, you see, no one ever lost their job for selecting the OEM for works/jobs. And, the site personnel can just live with what they have because, well, it hasn't cost anyone their job (that they know of) and it's worked until now (maybe not worked very well, but, it generates revenue just fine so their salaries and bonuses are safe).

I'm very serious about this--it's a very difficult market to break into, especially in North America. It's a LOT easier in overseas locations, but they have their own issues--none of which are really any good, either. You can get your foot in the door, but getting paid is another thing and if there are ANY issues after you make your changes (whether they are legitimately attributable to you or not) you will be on the hook and receiving calls and emails and demand letters for a long, long, long time. And if you are owed any monies, you can kiss that goodbye, too. Cracking the OEM nut is extremely difficult, especially in North America, and increasingly internationally as well. You might have hands-down the best improvements and site personnel may be excited about them and clamoring for them, but selling mid- and upper-level management is where the HARD work is really done.

That's why I suggest contacting control system integrators and third-party equipment and services suppliers about helping to sell your concepts. They usually have salespeople who have contacts that can get you in the doors of these places. Many sites also have "Master Service Agreements" which have to be signed and require legal beagles to interpret just to be able to get invited to site to make even a small change (liability issues, of course).

Again, it's not an impossible task or situation; it's just damn difficult to get people--who may loathe the OEM HMIs (and MANY do!!!)--to do anything that is outside of the OEM box. It's a real dilemma.

I wish you success and Godspeed!
Using a third-party program designed specifically for HMI development is the most efficient means of implementing HMI upgrades for GE Cimplicity. The HMI can be tailored to your needs with the help of this program, which should be compatible with GE Cimplicity. Features like real-time data visualization, drag-and-drop editing, and user-friendly interfaces are also desirable in software. Finally, the program should have GE Cimplicity version support so that you may update to the most recent release while keeping your HMI upgrades intact.

You have a name for a third-party program designed specifically for HMI development that is the most efficient means of implementing HMI upgrades for GE Cimplicity?