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Monah Fakhoury


Does anybody know of a counter, to count revolutions on a mixer, that has a serial interface where the counter can be set, reset, and read from the serial port, preferably an RS-485 port.

Omron has a frequency/rate meter (K3NR) which has an optional communications card, which can do what you want. However if you don't need a digital display, you may want to use an inexpensive "MICRO" type of PLC.

Art Bourdeau

KEP, www.kep.com, makes a variety of products that might suit your requirements. for example the SHIFT-TROL ST3 series connected to a prox
sensor sensing gear teeth might work.

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You can add a serial interface (RS-232/422/485) to this Micro and it supports counting up to 60kHz.

If you are using another brand PLC and do not wish to change, check that manufacturer's Micro lineup. You may find what you are looking for.

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Preston Todd Johnson

You might consider the National Instruments FieldPoint hardware, www.ni.com/fieldpoint. The counter 500 module is able to count the
revolutions of the mixer. The interface for the module is either RS232, RS485, or Ethernet with the appropriate network module. The set, reset, and read functions can be invoked from an OPC client. They also ship a neat explorer utility for operating and configuring the FieldPoint hardware.

Hope this helps.

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