Looking for deep field, narrow sense width prox.


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John Kelley

The plastic sits on a moving line and the plastic guide holes are apx. 1.5" from a metal support rail. Due to space considerations, the sensor must be mounted at least .75 (more like 1.0") from the part, but needs to have a field narrow enough so that it will not see the support rail or other parts of the assembly equipment. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Dean Kindrai

Rather than using a prox, I'd recommend doing it optically. It will cost a little more (I'm thinking of a SUNX fiber optic sensor at about $139 plus $60-$100 worth of fibers), but you should get a lot better results.

Sources of Optical Sensors
SUNX - I know they have models that can do this.

Balluff - Probably have some as well.

Dean Kindrai
Neff Engineering of WI
Thanx, Dean.... I'm in Indiana and work with Neff here quite a bit, and I know you all carry Balluff... I'll give you all a call.

I am concerned about optics, though. This aforementioned spring sits in a seat that is hollow at the bottom (except for a small retainer hip) so an optical would have to focus on reflectivity from the side (or wall) of the seat and see the metal versus dark plastic. Is this a reliable option, in your experience?