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Friends! I'm looking for a DeviceNet master - PLC or otherwise- to use in small to medium OEM quantities. It will be a really harsh environment (think outdoor mobile equipment that can be used in every climate on earth). I am very open as to what I use, but I have a few requirements/preferences:
1. Must be programmable in Ladder Logic - doesn't matter who's ladder, just that it is ladder.
2. No moving parts. No fans, hard drives, etc.
3. I would prefer no on-board I/O.
4. I would really like something fully potted with only a power connection, DeviceNet port and some sort of serial port to program.
5. In a perfect world, it would have a two-four line vacuum flourescent display for alarms. This is not critical, however.

I know something like this must exist somewhere, but I need your help in locating a vendor!
I think that you need Micrologix 1500 (Allen Bradley) with DeviceNet Scanner. It´s cheaper.
Here are 3 possibles. A quick websearch will find the vendors.

1) AMOT controls.
2) EPEC controls.


Al Boake P.E.

Eddie Willers

Hmm... I thought I posted some recommendations yesterday. Here we go again !

I really like the ruggedness and compact size of the equipment Al recommended, but you said DeviceNet master and those devices use CANOpen (which is likely more common on mobile machinery, but uncommon in the USA).

My top three small DeviceNet scanners are:

1. A-B CompactLogix L20 with 1769-SDN. Ladder programmable, no onboard I/O, good DeviceNet scanner capability, but modular and not potted.

2. Horner Electric OCS text interface/PLC combination with their new stack-on DeviceNet scanner. Horner's other DeviceNet products have been questionable in my experience, but this one is 100% their own and may be better. It's non potted but has a simple text interface and a good ladder language.

3. Festo SF60. An A-B SLC-5/02 and 1747-SDN built into a Festo pneumatic valve body. Tough as a rock, simple as an SLC-500, but not right if you have no pneumatics.