Looking for free control valve sizing software


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Where can I find free control valve sizing software? Demo versions are also acceptable.
First, why are you posting anonymously? Everyone's here to help each other out but if the post is anonymous, we have no idea of even which country you live in.

Contact your nearest Dezurik valve representative and ask them for their Alpha-1 valve sizing software. This assumes you live somewhere in the world that Dezurik markets to.
Different manufacturers have their own sizing sofware that is based on their own products.

contact neles-jamesbury for their free sizing software. hope it will be helpful for you
What kind of valves ? water/ Steam?

A sizing tool will tie you to a manufacturer if you want it to specify the actual valves.

You could always write a web page to do the valve calculations...

There are lots of books with the formule explained
I am working in process industry in operation department for 15 years. I would like to study on control valve sizing for all types. Please give me reference /web site for free study material.

Pathumwan Institute of Technology

I woude like to know about how I select size of control valve for my process.