Looking for Gas Detector with Open or Modbus protocol


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Juan Valderrabano

Hi Friends I am looking for a Gas or H2S detector, capable of communicating using an open protocol or as less one more utilized(maybe Modbus)protocol. Please give me some advice with this. All the comments are welcome. Thanks in advance :) Juan Valderrabano Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo. Competencia de I & C.

Industrial Scientific is in process of releasing a line of gas detection products w/ MODBUS communication protocol.

The gasses monitored would be O2, H2S, CO, Combustible Gasses, SO2, CL2 and NO2. The detectors are designed as explosionproof and certified thru CSA and Cenelec for Class I, Division 1 Groups B, C and D areas.

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Bob Kuzmich
Applications Engineer, Industrial Scientific Corp.