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Pierre R. Hinse CET

Hello All,
I have to put a project together that involves mobile equipment guidance.

Does anyone know of a differential GPS system, in a hardened enclosure. That would transmit position, bearing, speed to a PLC. As an alternative a system of transponder, with a mobile receiver. I have been looking around the net, but could not locate a manufacturer.

I am also looking for a hardened PLC system, that could take heat, and vibration of mobile equipment. A bit better than the run of mill PLC.

I have been lurking around the automation list for about three years now, and find the A-List very rewarding!

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David Foster

First up, a company in Australia (W.A. Cromarty) have installed a GPS
positioning system on bulldozers in the recent past. They can be found at

Secondly, have a look at www.softplc.com for a robust PC/PLC solution that I'm sure would do the job.

We used a DGPS Max system from CSI www.csi-wireless.com connected to a modicon plc rs-232 with a BASIC module onboard for communication . It was a simple communication protocol. This is what i could remember. I don't have papers, software of this anymore. (change of workplace etc)

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Onno Moret
Hardened PLCs for mobile equipment, wider temperature and vibration specss. Look at IFM Ecomat, available in Europe and EPEC from Finland. AMOT controls in USA has products too. Use search engine to find any of the above.