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Roger Harte

I am looking for recommendations for a handheld portable datalogger that warehouse operators can carry with them and use to manually enter data via a keypad. The unit's keypad should be telephone style (don't need one key for each letter). The operators wear gloves so the keypads should be big enough so that a gloved finger won't hit more than one button at a time.

Also, the unit must be intrinsically safe (the warehouse has a highly explosive environment).

I am looking for a very rugged, high quality unit that is well supported by the manufacturer. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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MTL used to market a re-badged psion unit that one of our clients used for manual data entry in the oil and gas industry here in australia. Have a
look at www.mtl-inst.com and look for the MTL 611B. The unit itself is not very robust but there is an excellent case for it. They have been quite successful. The unit is I believe baseefa certified "ib'


Craig Smith