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When I trying to flash the firmware of the Floboss S600, it always shows the message like "Waiting for S600", after few seconds another message showed up "S600 has no response". I been tried like thousand times it turned out same thing everytime.

I tried the command line "ping", it respond normally.

The firewall setting has the exception for the software I use to perform the procedure. In the computer management, I checked the event viewer, nothing seems relevant.

But when somebody else try the same operation it just works. So, I'm confused, it seems to be some thing wrong with my computer's network settings, and I can't identify it.

This is the only problem I had when I'm trying to connect the S600. I can download the software to it normally, and I also can access to it's IE web page normally. Also my computer can browse the Internet perfectly.

After check plenty of documents and tried almost everyway on the Internet, it still stays the same way, also I been consulted to our IT group, nothing works.

So, if anyone can provide anything, you will be great help for me.

I suspect the problem is the VX works is in the wrong directory. If you can use the web browser and download a config, then this is where the problem lies.

The VX works MUST be in the same directory you launch PC setup from and transfer it from there.

Let me know if it works

Thanks for your advice first.

I have the congfig600 software installed at the directory "C:\Program Files\Config600 2.6". Before I download the firmware I put the binary file in the same folder. Sorry it still not working. I tried two different version firmwares turns out the same thing.

Thanks anyway.

If there some other advices, please enlighten me.
Thanks again for your help.

I found that extraordinary that it still does not work. I assume you are in the "cold start" menu when you try ,and select option "4 = Reflash firmware", ideally, although this should still work in cold start.

1) Also select the "logging enable" under the transfer program. this will make a log of the transfer and send it to me if the below does not work.

2) Don't use the 16 bit tick box

3) Which transfer program are you using ? is this transfer 1 or transfer II as this is on the modal windows [it tells you which one you have] or look at the version under properties. Transfer II tends to be a little more robust


I forgot to tell you in the last post it's possible the Firmware may be " locked " as sometimes this can happen , or previously set by clients.

1) Enter Cold Start [Either from webrowser or keypad]

2) select 8 = FACTORY SETUP

SELECT to DISABLE ; you should then finally be able to send the firmware

I also have some inquiries about S600:

1- Is it possible to insert a LOGO in the reports which exists in the report editor?

2- Is it possible two or more flow elements to a S600? For example a turbine meter and D/P created by an orifice.

3- In case of the using a turbine meter, the reading does have a lot of fluctuations, is it possible to change the scan time to have a more stable reading?

I do appreciate your concern and advice.
I can answer you last two questions.

2. It is possible to do that. Actually S600 support much more then that. Although normally people don't it even they know it has no problem to do it. This doesn't mean there is some potential fault could happen when S600 running with multiple metering, it will work perfectly.

3. I was run into a situation like you did once.
When the S600 go with Siemens ultrasonic, the problem lies in the wiring inside the ultrasonic, you should switch the ground wire to another more stable one.

If the wires inside the Seimens instrument go like PG1 and PG2 as a pair, or PG3 and PG4 as a pair, its definite wrong. PG1 - PG4 are 4 channel pulse output. PG1 and PG3 are the same channel, PG2 and PG4 are the same.

Check the pulse generator, it should be work.
May I ask you to give me the meaning of the ! and * in front of the some parameters in FlooBoss S600?

Thank you for your help.
The symbol "!" means the value is invalid or some thing wrong with I/O channel. The specific meaning depends on what is following behind the symbol, normally you should pay attention when it shows up.

The symbol "*" means there are sub-menu exists, I'm not quite sure about this one. but must likely, it is.
There are some thing I forgot to say.
When the symbol "*" shows behind data item, it also meas you can change the value.

You can check the instruction manual on the Emerson website.
Hi jingboyu
I have followed your answers and your positive asistance you are a good helper
Do you have vxwork.bin firmware file for floboss s600+ ver 3.1 or above
If you have could you send it please ?