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i'm little new at this. please find me the name of the i/o drivers of these PLCs to interface with pc...

Keyence KV 24R and ladder builder KV 1.5
Omron CPIE and Cx programmer v1.0
AB Micrologix 1500 and RSlogix500
ABB AC500 PM 564 t ETH v2.1 and control builder plus v2.1.0
Siemens CPU 312c and Simatic Manager
The question is posed as if a PLC were a printer, where one downloads a driver (for a particular PC operating system) to make a connection to the printer. But PLC's are not printers.

If by "I/O driver", you mean you need software to get data from the PLCs into a PC for viewing, archiving, and supervision, then you need HMI or SCADA software. Each PLC manufacturer typically has an HMI software package that can talk a particular digital protocol to communicate to its PLC. The PLC needs hardware and the firmware (driver) to support the digital protocol, which might or might not be on the PLC, but which can be added, if needed.

There are 3rd party HMI/SCADA software providers. Most, if not all, are OPC clients, which means that HMI/SCADA can talk to an OPC server, a separate software package provided by either the manufacturer or 3rd parties which have drivers for various digital protocols that talk to the PLC. This OPC concept is not just the used by 3rd party HMI/SCADA, it can be used by the manufacturers themselves.

A digital protocol like Modbus might be used by an OPC server, or the HMI/SCADA software could internally implement a driver for Modbus.

The software listed for the different PLC models is the PLC's software development package, such as RSLogix 500. Development software is not really an "I/O driver" because the I/O is driven by the PLC's logic program, not by a PC. The development software is the tool used to program or configure that model PLC for whatever task it and its I/O performs. Development softwaer is frequently needed to configure the communications protocol hardware/firmware used for HMI/SCADA.

Development software is usually licensed software, it is not freeware. Many implementations have some means of restricting use to license holders such as a dongle. Development software is sold through the sales channel for the manufacturer (typically a local distributor or rep).

3rd party HMI/software is sold through reps, distributors, direct from the software manufacturer, even on-line. I suspect some of the 3rd party vendors will reply to the original post.

There are professionals known as system integrators, who do HMI/SCADA for a living. Given the learning curve for what this project appears to be, you might consider finding one to do the project.
I know there are drivers (.dll files) for Beckhoff, Siemens and AB. They are used to integrate with Visual Basic or C programming to read and write I/O in the PLCs. Is this what you are looking for? To use these you will need someone <b>very</b> familiar with VB or C programming.