Looking for info about programing ControlLogix PLC


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Whether programming platform will be RSlogix or different? Vendor alderly yet to commission this unit (Propane Skid with flow computer and Sequencer PLcs of control logix) though we would like to have a general familiarization in the s/w platform.

Trevor Ousey

Not sure why you would use anything other than RSLogix5000 for a ControlLogix, didn't believe there was anything else...

As for info, just go to the AB website, in the literature area and there are various manuals. Also, register with Rockwell, its free, and use their knowledge base and sample code.
You will require to invest a good amount of money getting software in order for you to get the most from your application. You will need to purchase RS-Logix 5000 for programming, RS-Linx professional to get connected and RS-Trainer to get basic understanding of the software.

I can suggest part numbers if you wish.

Trevor Ousey

Actually to program any Rockwell product, CLX, PLC5, SLC5, Networx, you just need RSLinx lite, which will come with the standard versions of the programming software. RSTrainer is okay if you have a number of people to go through it, but it didn't win me over. Rockwell have a really good number of manuals and sample codes. If you are serious about using CLX, and your knowledge is not good with PLC's, attend a Rockwell training course. They are relatively expensive but not really that bad as compared with most other company training courses.
Thank you my dear friend,

now our management is ready to buy the s/w from M/s AB for future modifications and diagnosis.

Bob Peterson

I think RSLogix5000 is the only programming software for contrologix.

If you are used to other RSLogix products you will pick up the 5000 version quickly.