Looking for LCD/Keypad with RS-485 port and Relay Output


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M. Harisman

We are looking for Integrated LCD & Keypad device with the following specification :
- Membrane Keypad
- LCD with 2 x 16 characters (minimum)
- serial communication port (RS-485 preferred)
- open software interface (DLL or OCX),
or complete with protocol manual/description for PC to Device communication
- one Digital Input and one Relay Output
- without any reader

any information on such product will be appreciated.

Thank you,

M. Harisman
[email protected]

Curt Wuollet

Check what Matrix Orbital has. I don't think they sell enclosed units, but they are easy to mount in a box and interace with the key pad of your choice.


M. Harisman:

I am in search of a similar item. Did you have any success finding a source?

Thank You
Kevin Brown