Looking for low cost fuel flow sensor


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Chris Z

I am trying to locate fuel flow sensor suppliers for an application involving a fuel transfer meter in developing countries. Typical applications would be fuel purchases by motorcycles of less than 1 liter. Accuracy +/-1% with ml precision would be ideal.

Production quantities are unknown at present, but item must be low cost. Something in the $25 range for qty. 1000 could probably be justified. Cheaper is better for obvious reasons.

Max transfer rate not more than 10 LPM.

If anyone knows of a supplier who might have something that could meet these requirements, or you are aware of a better technology that you feel would suit my requirements, please let me know.

Any assistance appreciated
We may be of any help, may you pls help send an email to:

paulybg01 [at] gmail.com.

We need to know some more detailed information about your requirement.

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Here's an idea. I remember way back gas pumps used to have a glass container on top, probably held one gallon. this was filled then drained into the customers car. Perhaps something like that say 1 liter container that tips into a funnel and drains to bike, accurate and cheap.

We manufacture such litre measures in MS/ Brass and SS. All would cost under $25/- and all can be approved in whatever country you use. I can be reached hemaljh [at] gmail.com