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Can anyone help to provide info or a link to information regarding when to choose which type of motors for applications? IE - AC, DC, Servo, Stepper, etc?

I have a small 3/4HP application which turn a long cord at variable speeds. Position accuracy is not required, but I'm still interested in Servo vs. Stepper information links.

Thanks for any advice.

Zan Von Flue

I guess the application has to be cheap.
If the speed is important then mostlikely a servomotor would be used (Feedback). If you use a steppermotor you can only use 3/4 of the rate power safely otherwise the motor will stall. Plus they lose power at higher speeds. The stepper is mostlikely larger then the servomotor.
A normal 3-phase motor with a frequency convertor, of course with a analog control input (for a PLC) is also a possiblity. And would mostlikely be cheaper the a servo system and needs no feedback.

There have been lots of technical articles published over the years on this subject in Industry Magazines like Power Transmission Design/Motion Control, Control Engineering, Motion Control, Design News and Machine design.

Motor manufacturers are also a good source, especially ones that make both various designs (both types). Start with the Thomas Register supplier service, also on-line. Motor companies: Compumotor, Kollmorgen, Superior Electric, Baldor and many more.
Dan Jones from Incremotion Associates conducts a one day seminar on the six basic motor types and which applications are appropriate for each. His number is 805: 496-2621. He can probably steer you in the right direction or sell you a copy of his seminar manual.

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