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Chris Schene

I am looking for PID tuning tools that I can integrate with an existing software suite. I want to integrate with a semiconductor chip which will target the controls and instrumentation markets.

I am looking for the following features in this PID tuning tool:

1) Ability to tune from step input
2) Must be able to tune from captured data points
3) Approximate process models using IMC, Cohen-coon, ITAE, etc.
4) Bode plot representation of closed loop frequency response as well as time based plots
5) Stability analysis
6) A package I can download and try for at least 60-90 days for a small fee or for free.
7) Willingness to allow packaging of this tool with a software suite for a reasonable price

Some features that would be nice to have:

1) The ability to “loop” programmatically to tune many loops from captured process data without human intervention
2) The ability to tune from other inputs such as a ramp, exponential etc.
3) Ability to tune interactively in real-time.
4) “Graduated” features. For example a basic set of functions for one price (just interactive capability, e.g.) and more advanced features (such as automation) for a higher price.

Whether you are the creator, seller or user of such a tuning tool, your input is most appreciated.


John Veldhuis


I work for a consulting company that is quite active in control related projects. I have heard excellent feedback from my clients in numerous industries about ExpertTune and Tune-A-Fish from Fisher Provox.

The company I work for offers a monitoring technology to ensure that you are able to determine where to point resources when controllers are not operating appropriately. The product can be seen at "www.matrikon.com/products/processdoc":http://www.matrikon.com/products/processdoc

John V.
I have developed a method of tuning, which is being patented now (patent pending). The method uses a modified relay feedback test (not the step test - but I like the former better than the latter) and different from the prior art formulas/algorithms of identification and tuning. The demo version of the software is available and can be sent to you upon request. You can contact me via e-mail "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] or phone 1-403-281-4427.

Igor Boiko

Devdatta Hambardikar


Did you get any reply on the tunning softwatre? I am also looking for the same. I need to impliment PID in PLC operating system and provide self tunning facility either at OS level or externally on PC level.

Devdatta Hambardikar
We are in the process of implementing ControlSoft's INTUNE product via OPC server which appears to have many of the features that you requested. They have numerous specific PLC drivers in addition to DDE and OPC interfaces.

They are worth a look.

Paul Botzman


In case you never found the perfect PID tuning tool for your needs... we are releasing INTUNE version 5 with added reporting and monitoring features this year.

The outline for INTUNE version 5 can only be obtained by contacting me as we have not published the final literature on our web site http://www.controlsoftinc.com.
I can be reached at [email protected] or 440-443-3900 x101. I hope this helps. Have a great day and Stay Tuned!

Paul J. Botzman
ControlSoft Inc.
[email protected]