Looking for sensor to detect entrained air in fuel


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Joery van Dipte

The application is on mobile units, where fuels are pumped from seperate containers. After emptying a container, a new container is connected. We can eliminate the entrained air, but before going through the meter, we need to detect the remaining entrained air (vapor) bubles.

Power available: 12 VDC or 24 VDC and a "flame proof" or intrinsically safe design is needed. If possible according to the European standards (CENELEC), but UL is accaptable.

We need 200+ sensors annually. Please who has an idea or can help me?

Willem de Jong

We are manufacturer of inline ultrasonic sensors/analyzers for inline analysis of liquids. In principle, all of the analyzers we manufacture are able to detect gas bubbles. You might want to take a look at our website: www.rhosonics.nl We have more models than are presented, so contact us if you think we might be helpful. Regards, Willem de Jong Rhosonics, Baarn +31 35 543 1998
Hi we represent a manufacturer who makes an entrained gas monitor. At the moment it is not Cenelec or UL, but for 200 a year I'm sure it could be done. It is currently used in de-foaming applications in the paper and water industries. It is very sensitive and is available hand held or fixed. Regards Mike [email protected]