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Looking for single board controller, that uses 8052AH basic (or modern equivalent), has a multi-line LCD display of some sort, a 12 or 16 key keypad, 16 SPDT relay's (min 2 amp contacts), and at least 1 RS-485 port (in addition to programming port), on board regulator and mem. back-up battery. If you know where I can get one, let me know. I would consider a separate keypad /display board if required. Now here's the clincher - The whole thing must cost less than $ 400US. Please advise ...

Greg Goodman

Have you checked out the 8052 Microcontroller page: http://www.lvr.com/microc.htm A number of the companies listed there offer controller boards for a couple hundred dollars or less. By way of example (but not recommendation, since I haven't used any of them), J & M MicroTek has a board for $135 that might fit your bill.
Check out www.Zworld.com. Zworld has a number of low cost controller options that are programmed in "C". You can get a development package ranging from $150 to $350 ( that include a full Software Development Package ). Individual boards start around $50. Hope This Helps.