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We are looking for a liquid level sensor which should be deployed many times per printer. The ink container itself is 'small' ( inner dimensions : vertical dimension 27 mmm, width 30mm, depth 55mm), under pressure, and there is
not much space outside it.

A single point level sensor is OK. It should change its output when the level is below 10mm.

We can still apply small mechanical modifications (dimensions, material, ...) to our ink container
(ink is oil based).

Cost is a critial issue (max. 50 USD per sensor), as we need high quantities.
Hello Eddy

We build large as well as small size custom sensors. Our smallest PP float is 25 x 15 mm high. My concern is ^Ö you indicate the switch
will activate many times - but you only need one switch point. Trying to control a level with one float type level switch will cycle the
switch to death. To use only one switch you would need a time delay of some kind. You can get a better understanding of what a switch can
do by going to FAQ on our web site. We could do capacitance type but this type can be affected by temperature etc resulting in continuous adjustments. The float type is the most economical - can the chamber be made bigger? I guess the next question is - are you controlling a level or indicating an alarm. We also have a circuit board product that controls a level with probes ^Ö probes are SS. The standard board has level control and alarm point. It may be something that you insert your own probes and we supply the circuit. Cost is a little higher than the float type. You could also go by pressure ^Ö but $$.

Thanks Bob Hogg http://www.almegcontrols.com/

Charlie Sorbo

Hi Eddy,

Gems has a number of electro optic sensors that meets your cost and size ojective. They do work in ink provided the ink doesn't dry on the lense. We would be more that happy to provide a n/c sample for testing.

Charlie Sorbo
Gems Sensors