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Curtis Brown

My advance apologies if I have posted this in the wrong forum. Please relocate it if necessary, Thanks.

Our process control systems are run by PLCs and have manual backup panel mounted in the control room. The OEM has gone to a semi- computerized MBU. We would prefer to keep using the type we have now as our operators are used to them and they work well for our application. So I am looking for sources of obsoleted electronics. The unit we are seeking was made by AMEACON controls out of Round Rock, Texas. They were purchased by our OEM which continued the production of the MBU devices. At some point in time they decided to upgrade the design totally. The newer units are a digital control based unit and totally unlike the original unit. We would prefer that our operators not have to relearn the control system. We really do not want to have to replace all the units for continuity in plant operation. The units that we have are a part number PWB147B Revision 2. The newer units are a revision 3. If you have question or helpful comments my email address is : [email protected].

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Gerald Beaudoin

Sometimes our options are restricted by limited or non existent availability. If a web search cannot find what you are looking for....good chances that there just isn't any more out there. You may just have to bite the bullet and upgrade to something more current. I would suggest that if that becomes the only option, go as new and state of the art as you can, because the flavor of the day will also be obsolete faster than we would like.

Good luck.
I've heard that the US nuclear power industry is served by some companies that reverse engineer and manufacture devices and instruments from the 1970's and then put them through the nuke qualification process.

You could look for an engineering firm to do the same and be able to skip the qualification part. Just have a big enough check book to cover the costs.