Looking for Temposonics Hydraulic Interface card


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I'm in need of a Temposonics interface card,
Part # 100-0133. Used with Hydraulic servo control. Where can I find one?

I have a lead on a NIB MTS TDC200, controls 2 hydraulic valves. It is the hyd. servo drive, easily programmable.
Call 905-767-1367 if interested.
I should have been more specific. This card interfaces with a Modicon 3220 multi-axis servo controller. This cards generates the interrogation pulse for the MTS Temposonics transducer recirculation box. The Temposonics feedback is then referenced to a 500Hz signal from the Modicon controller. The part was an
original Gould part# and controlled two transducers. I've looked into some of the new MTS products but at this point, I don't have money for a new retrofit.
Thanks, Aaron