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Jim May

Hey has anyone had any experince or know of a vendor I can look into for an alarm transmitter from a normally closed device so that when the circuit is disrupted the transmitter recognizes the condition and transmits it to a central receiver so that when production arrives back on the scene that a decernable tattle-tale is made or shown. THe critical point for me is to be wireless and battery operated transmitters. THanks for your time and thoughts,
\Jim May
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Charlie Howard

There are two wireless, bi-directional spread spectrum products that provide end-to-end IO. They are WMOD90-R and TSR900. Also can be used directly with PLC or PCs. The different units provide transmit power/cost tradeoff. Contact me off-list at choward(AT)nbtinc.com or look at http://www.nbtinc.com

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