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I need to connect electric meter which has Ethernet port (Modbus TCP) port. The meter to be connected with the remote computer and through Internet i need to see the data. So far i understand i need a web based HMI which has Modbus to talk to the meter. So could anyone suggest any open source/free web based HMI which has Modbus.

As i am newbie in job, could anybody tell me how to the implement with a little explanation/details or refer me any reference document or example.

The Schneider Electric Magelis HMI with Vijeo Designer software provides serial and ethernet communications using the most common and accepted protocols. Once you have configured and tested local HMI control then remote access is simply enabled in the software. The software/hardware comes with no charge. Remote web access via internet that permits you to view and (if desired) control your process. You view/control the same screens as a local operator would see. Web Access for the Magelis only requires Internet Explorer. No additional software required, so no additional charges. Web Gate provides both password and IP address protection to make remote access secure. Contact your local Schneider Electric sales office or distributor.
I have a free/open source web based HMI with built in Modbus/TCP. You can download it here:


If you download the main package it comes bundled with a number of other programs. The program that you want is called HMIServer. You can also download just HMIServer by clicking on the "View all files" link and then picking HMIServer.

A copy of the documentation can be seen here:
There is lots more information on the web site as well. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

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Hi Arocon,

you could try Whzan, its free at the moment and if you look in the shop area theres a free step by step guide showing how to get this going.

Schneider Electric Magelis HMI family is Best In Class and offers multiple (and simultaneous) protocols for major PLC vendors. No cost features include remote Data Manager to retrieve data files and WebGate for remote Monitor and Control. WebGate is ethernet service that only requires IE and an active X. Vijeo Designer Software programs ALL terminals in the family and is free for small end HMI (STO and STU). Contact your local Schneider Distributor.