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I have Lookout ver 5.0 installed in win2000 but its security is not foolproof. Even at nobody logged in one has access to OS and what not using the famous window button, Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Esc

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There are many tricks that you can use to secure Windows 2000. Most involve registry settings. Do a web search for Windows Registry and you will find them. As you are using them, be sure to write down what you do. Otherwise it may be difficult to get back to where you were. (I once secured a system so well I couldn't get back into it!)
Anyone with physical access to the PC can take it over. Google up < password disk NT > and you'll find all you need. Only permit trustworthy people access to the machine. And don't provide any other attractive capabilities via the PC, e.g., Internet Access.

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The best possible way is to establish and manage your system. Setup a profile lists for all PC user and issue privileges on each respected user so each one can login on each profiles. Then you can configure the system to disable each of the Windows button (as what you'd said), edit the registry mostly help but you must be proficient to do this and always keep a back-up of the registry you are working to be safe, in case of crashes. Additionally, your PC hard drive must be formatted as NTFS format. Thanks.