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Which is better to get for Control loop tuning and optimization (Expertune or Protuner)? We have Yokogawa Centum VP latest version DCS.
That is a good question. I have never used ProTuner, but ExpertTune is 'OK'. It helps you get the basics of a loop in order to tune it. However, I think all tuning software it very limited. It is very particular on the data sampling and can be somewhat difficult to setup, if you do not know what you are doing.

Also, I think both require OPC interfaces; I do not know if Emerson has free OPC connections for that interface.

All in all, it may be helpful for you. It could be worth the ~$5000 cost.
What about Expert Tuner i.e. a good instrument tech who will take time to study the process?
>What about Expert Tuner i.e. a good instrument tech who
>will take time to study the process?

I second that. Tuning a loop needs insight of the process and how loops interact with each other. Things get more complex as almost all the processes are closed loop where too much valve oscillation cause "waves" downstream.

Not to mention, your field instrumentation and control valves need to be reliable and repeatable.

Previously managed to tune simple plant loops based on "hit & trial method".

Now using structured loop tuning approach based on the type of the process i.e. integrating or self regulating following ZN method. I do use control and tune wizard for just loop analysis. They are good at identifying the issues of your control loop like too many alarms, PV out of the set threshold, Output hitting limit (undersize valve etc), stiction, etc.