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Colin Walker

What is your favourite text for process control loop design and tuning?

I'm after a few text books for my students, the texts that are currently used are too old or too simple. They don't mention options like kickers, dual tune, dual rate tuning, dynamic tuning, feedforward, nestled/cascaded loops, multi element loops and the many other tools that can be used to solve tuning problems.

Does anyone have a book that includes waveforms from different parts of various loops showing the difference between many common problems like
histeryisis, stiction and derivative, proportional and integral oscillation.

Regards Colin

Control Technics

Pls refer to current issue of ISA Intech mag. You will find excellent book on loop tuning from ISA Thanks regards Girish Phatak

Diana Bouchard

Matlab is a scientific computing language often used for control strategy development and evaluation (see http://www.mathworks.com). Its documentation might possibly contain an explanation of basic loop tuning. Otherwise I don't think it's what you're looking for. Diana Bouchard ******************************************************************** Diana C. Bouchard Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (Paprican) Process Control Group 570 St Johns Boulevard Pointe Claire Quebec H9R 3J9 Canada phone: (514) 630 4100 x2376 fax: (514) 630 4120 email: [email protected] *******************************************************************
Diana, I agree with your opinion on Matlab. However I designed a control loop using the expensive thing involving a Smith-predictor to regulate the pulpconcentration (recuperation paper) in a continues proces without weighing any amounts fed to the pulper (60m3), with a very nice dead-time and dead time variation (concentration!!!!). Try this without any simulationprog. and your papermill will be more standing than running. Best regards Pat.